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Discover the powerful transformation of living Love as a lifestyle. You'll find the energy-based knowledge, support and tools designed to reconnect to your Hearts passion and remember who you truly are, why you are here now and what you are to do next.  It's time and it's all here.

Akashic Record Readings

Don't feel alone in your desire for guidance and clarity.  We are living in a time where many are dazed and most are confused, and everyone is definitely experiencing some sort of crisis. Get the answers to what's on your Soul's agenda.

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Chakras 101 Class

Today’s fast-paced world can easily throw the most secure person out of balance, so it’s more important than ever to understand that we’re no longer living in Kansas, but living in a Universe made up of energy that is always on the move.

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Life is Entering Warp Speed

If you are having communication issues, financial challenges, a chronic health issue or more, schedule a private session with Rebecca to 'reset' your energetic blueprints and create new Chakra Blueprints for each area of your life.

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$5 from every product sold is donated to helping young girls at risk.  And as my business grows I will be donating more, creating scholarships, and entrepreneurial funding to elevate and empower girls everywhere.  Thank you in advance for your purchase.

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Divine Feminine Blog

Celebrating Our Freedoms

Celebrating Our Freedoms

Tomorrow celebrations of our freedoms will abound with backyard barbecue's, family gatherings and fireworks.  Celebrating is always a good thing as it brings levity where little exists in an ever-increasing paradigm of chaos.

While there's no doubt that America has represented the land of the free for a while now, it is also something that is quietly slipping through the cracks of the American dream. With only one question to ask, America what would you do?

3 Things You Need to Know Now

3 Things You Need to Know Now

Right now we are in the breaking down phase in order to break through to a higher echelon of living.  In order for that to happen, the dark must be exposed so true transformation can take place.

A new paradigm based on Love, Grace and Compassion cannot happen until the distortions of truth, the corruptions of harmony and the discordance of a fear-provoking control system comes to light. And all of the little things each one of us does will add up to true and lasting transformation from a world in fear to a world in love.

Celebrate the Divine Feminine

Celebrate the Divine Feminine

This time is truly about bringing balance back to humanity, despite our diversity and our differences.  Balance in the collective that despite those differences, we can find it in our hearts to accept and honor each other.  Acceptance that there will always be differences based on each individual's unique perspective, but with respect and honoring each other we can agree to find the balance point between. 

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"I had mine and it was AMAZING!" 

Roberta N. - Rio, Brazil

“Recently I had an Akashic Record reading with Rebecca. It felt as if I was embraced from a loving spirit that knew my very essence. I could feel that the information relayed to me came from that knowing place. It was exactly what I needed to hear. All of the questions, worries and anxieties seemed to fade away and suddenly there was nothing else I need to know. I knew I could trust what I was being told. It was a healing balm that has stayed with me ever since.
Thank you so much Rebecca!”

Silvia B. - CT

Truly Amazing

“Clear your mind when you ask for an Akashic Reading with Rebecca because what you’ll get will surprise you.  Truly amazing.” 

V.E. – Portugal