Laugh more, Love more, Live more
Embracing the Divine Feminine within, without and with the world around you
Live a passion fueled and purpose driven life

Inspiration is all around you

Rest. Relax. Renew.

Join me for 7 days of illuminating discoveries, creative adventures and nurturing indulgences.  You'll leave this restorative retreat newly inspired - body, mind and spirit.

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The Quiet Revolution of the Heart

There is something new happening in the world. It's a little chaotic but it's also something really, really BIG. And it's really all about YOU.

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Manifest Your Destiny

We’re no longer living in Kansas, but in a Universe made up of energy that is always on the move. Discover how to master manifesting your destiny from the inside out.

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108 Mala Collection

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Loving my new bracelet!

“Thank you for my new Amethyst bracelet, Rebecca.  I’m loving wearing it and it’s helping me to focus on my intuition more, which is helping me to pay attention to what feels right – for me!”

Isabella, Firenze

My Guru

“Through the last four years of knowing Rebecca, I have looked to her for guidance relating to all facets of my life.  I have even referred to her as my Guru.  Her direct and intuitive guidance always gets me re-centered, calm and with a renewed resurgence to follow my heart.”

Sara J. - New Milford, CT

Truly Amazing

“Clear your mind when you ask for an Akashic Reading with Rebecca because what you’ll get will surprise you.  Truly amazing.” 

V.E. – Portugal

The Greater You Retreats

Join me for 7 days of divine beauty and indulgent deliciousness - all while enjoying the very best Tuscany has to offer.