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Discover the powerful transformation of living Love as a lifestyle. You'll find the energy-based knowledge, support and tools designed to reconnect to your Hearts passion and remember who you truly are, why you are here now and what you are to do next.  It's time and it's all here.

Embracing the Divine Feminine within, without and with the world around you
Laugh more, Love more, Live more
Live a passion filled and purpose driven life

Inspiration is all around you

Heart Centered Living

Transform your life with this Heart centered, serenity-building, harmony producing course. Discover how to create a heart-centered life, despite the chaos that surrounds you.

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The Quiet Revolution of the Heart - a new renaissance

Discover the true nature of the Universe, and how you function within it, and you will see why this is the most exciting times to be alive.

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Life is Entering Warp Speed

We've moved to a new cosmic neighborhood and if you don't know where you are, you'll be lost without a compass. Learn how to navigate a world that is constantly on the move.

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Give. Grow. Love.

$5 from every product sold is donated to helping young girls at risk.  And as my business grows I will be donating more, creating scholarships, and entrepreneurial funding to elevate and empower girls everywhere.  Thank you in advance for your purchase.

18 Spring Equinox Collection

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Our Story

Receive inspiring Divine Feminine tools & tips


Loving my new bracelet!

“Thank you for my new Amethyst bracelet, Rebecca.  I’m loving wearing it and it’s helping me to focus on my intuition more, which is helping me to pay attention to what feels right – for me!”

Isabella, Firenze

My Guru

“Through the last four years of knowing Rebecca, I have looked to her for guidance relating to all facets of my life.  I have even referred to her as my Guru.  Her direct and intuitive guidance always gets me re-centered, calm and with a renewed resurgence to follow my heart.”

Sara J. - New Milford, CT

Truly Amazing

“Clear your mind when you ask for an Akashic Reading with Rebecca because what you’ll get will surprise you.  Truly amazing.” 

V.E. – Portugal