2. Your Expression Wellness Signature

2. Your Expression Wellness Signature

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2. Your Expression Wellness Signature Solutions

2.  ANSWER RATING - If your rating was between 0 and 7 to Question 2, you are - at some level - energetically blocked from fully expressing yourself.

Unless you are fully expressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you’ll be missing out on and tripping over opportunities to experience happy, loving and fulfilling relationships.

Your words can carry the venom or antidote within them and directly impact it’s recipient with your consciously intended, or unintended (baggage-carrying) impact.  Thinking before you speak is always a great idea, but often becomes a concept lost on ideals when you’re in the heat of the moment.

In addition, past experiences of unexpressed emotional stress can wreak havoc in your life. Holding on to the past does more harm than good in our lives, and can potentially become the root cause for developing chronic health issues.  Medical research studies show, over and over again, that stress causes upwards of ninety percent of all known chronic, acute to major life-threatening diseases.

Your emotions are designed to guide you to what you want, and what you don't want, throughout your life.  They are intended to be experienced, moved through, learned from and then let go of.  The problem is that many people don't know how to effectively move through their emotionally-charged experiences and end up replaying them over and over again, whether in their minds, at work, in their relationships or on their therapist’s couch. 

More than anything else, pent up, repressed and long-held emotional resentments can keep you from expressing yourself, clearly and with focused forethought in your life.  Having a Throat Chakra that is blocked, over-stimulated or otherwise under functioning, will also greatly restrict your ability to create what you truly want in your life. There will be no getting around this one.


2.  ANSWER SOLUTION - Your ability to clearly express your heart-centered visions, desires and dreams, is an absolute and essential element to your Wellness Signature Blueprint for success, health, happiness and fulfillment. 

I will work directly with you to open, balance and fine-tune your Throat Chakra Wellness Signature.  The benefits will include increased focus, clarity and improved expression while also reducing stress and increasing serenity in your life.  Your newly improved and integrated Wellness Signature will enable you to more easily, clearly and effortlessly fully express yourself ~ creating happier and more fulfilling relationships in the process. 


Taking the first step is the key to create an energetic environment for you to shift, evolve and expand into fully expressing who your Soul is calling you to be. 

Your Fully Express Wellness Signature series will include three unique private sessions. Our first session will include a review of where you are and the road blocks you've been experiencing. Regardless of the origin, we will identify the energetic source of what's holding you back and pave the way for you to become inspired again.

All change takes an open willingness and commitment to improve your life in order to realize your dreams.  Be prepared to implement some daily 'homework' into your life in order to shift yourself into the space required to create a new Wellness Signature. Get ready to get excited about the new freedom of fully expressing who you are and what you are about to create.


I use my finely-tuned Intuition and energetic expertise to tune in and identify the source of your energetic blocks.  Based on the results, I design a custom Wellness Signature process for you to energize, balance and support your Throat Chakra for improved expression, clarity and focus in your life.  And clear communications spell happier relationships of every kind.

Your life and the varied experiences you've had are as unique as you are, and therefore no two Wellness Signatures are alike.  Be prepared to be open and willing to share your honest feelings and perceptions of those experiences.  

Each focused Wellness Signature Series includes three - 90 minute private sessions with me. 

They are available in person or globally via Skype.  Once you've paid for your session/s you will receive an availability calendar to schedule your first Wellness Signature session.