3. Your Wellness Signature - EXPERIENCE LOVE 3 SERIES SESSIONS

3. Your Wellness Signature - EXPERIENCE LOVE 3 SERIES SESSIONS

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3. Your Wellness Signature Solutions


3.  ANSWER RATING - If your rating was between 0 and 7 to Question 3, you are - at some level - energetically blocked from fully living from the heart, to the point of living with the barricades up.

Living from the heart without the walls and defenses constantly up and ready for battle will open you up to a life that is full of love, acceptance and fulfilling connections. 

On the flip side, when things get out of balance, the mind jumps in the driver’s seat and chaos ensues.  The mind won't shut off, keeping you up at night and on the treadmill of stressed-out living.  Other symptoms of a blocked or shut down Heart Chakra are isolation, lonlieness, jealousy, judgement, resentments and anger.

In addition, you could be feeling unloved due to family relationships, experiences, core decisions and beliefs you've developed along the way.  All of these can be energetically over-written, so know that it's possible to create and magnetize more loving relationships and experiences into your life.

Equally important to know is that your Heart and mine are intricately connected at an energetic level.  So, the more you do to open your Heart, reconnect with Love and compassion, you'll also be making a difference in the world.

The amazing new science of the Heart's true nature includes intriguing evidence.  According to the Institute of Heart Math, "the heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other's functioning. The signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing and higher cognitive functions; neuro-cardiology researchers view this system and circuitry as the "heart brain".

"Heart intuition or intelligence brings the freedom and power to accomplish what the mind, even with all the disciplines or affirmations in the world, cannot do if it's out of sync with the heart."

3.  ANSWER SOLUTION - Understanding that our Heart's are truly the center of our lives, and our world at a fundamental and energetic level, empowers us all to become more loving, more compassionate and therefore more creative in our lives.  And as a direct result, create peace, serenity and love from the inside out. This is the energetic powerhouse of your life.

We'll work together and figure out what's holding you back from experiencing more love in your life.  Then we'll create your new Love Wellness Signature and get you back in balance and your heart leading the way for a more harmonious day and restful night.  Did you know that Love makes the world go round?  It's time to get on board. 


Taking the first step is the key to create an energetic environment for you to shift, evolve and expand into the more loving and fulfilled life your Soul is calling you to experience. 

Your Experience Love Wellness Signature series will include three unique private sessions. Our first session will include a review of where you are and the road blocks you've been experiencing. Regardless of the origin, we will identify the energetic source of what's holding you back and pave the way for you to open up to receiving and experiencing more love in your life.

All change takes an open willingness and commitment to improve your life in order to realize your dreams.  Be prepared to implement some daily 'homework' into your life in order to shift yourself into the space required to create a new Wellness Signature. Get ready to get excited about the opening your Heart to more love, appreciation and loving relationships you are about to create.


I use my finely-tuned Intuition and energetic expertise to tune in and identify the source of your energetic blocks.  Based on the results, I design a custom Wellness Signature process for you to energize, balance and support your Heart Chakra for increased love, acceptance and more fulfilling relationships in your life.

Your life and the varied experiences you've had are as unique as you are, and therefore no two Wellness Signatures are alike.  Be prepared to be open and willing to share your honest feelings and perceptions of those experiences.  

Each focused Wellness Signature Series includes three - 90 minute private sessions with me. 

They are available in person or globally via Skype.  Once you've paid for your session/s you will receive an availability calendar to schedule your first Wellness Signature session.