4. Your Abundance Wellness Signature

4. Your Abundance Wellness Signature

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4. Your Abundance Wellness Signature Solutions

4.  ANSWER RATING - If your rating was between 0 and 7 to Question 4, you are - at some level - energetically blocked from fully creating abundance and success in your life.

Whether you want to create something new and exciting or you're feeling cut off from the flow of abundance in your life, there are energetic blocks standing in your way.

Struggle and financial lack happen when you energetically turn the abundance tap off.  Abundance and living a prosperous life is the direct result of the Universe responding to your conscious ability to create it at an inspired and energetic level. 

Not only are we not taught how to consciously create from a young age, or in our schools, but we can also subconsciously carry ancestral patterns of poverty, self sabotage, fear and insecurities. These are the types of things that have us subconsciously creating things we don't want in our lives - by default.

And until you replace any subconscious beliefs you've adopted along the way, you'll continue to create your life from the subconscious mind and accompanying emotions.

These along with every day chaos and confusion can easily leave you frustrated, unhappy or struggling to make ends meet. 

When you reset your ability to consciously create, you become empowered to choose between working the rest of your life, or never working another day.


4.  ANSWER SOLUTION - Your ability to create anything in your life is first determined by the energetic blueprint you are sending to the Universe every day of your life. This is the fundamental creative process that creates worlds as well as our daily lives.  The more you know about it, the simpler creating the life you desire gets.

Manifesting in the mundane world is the primary function of our Solar Plexus, however manifesting doesn’t happen all at once. There are fundamental elements that contribute to manifesting anything you want to create in your life.  From seed to plant, baby to birth or concept to product, each requires the necessary ingredients in order to develop, grow and emerge in your life, and the world around you.

We’ll work together and find out what’s holding you back from realizing your dreams, desires and abundance of every kind.  Whether it's family history, focus or fear, we'll create your new Wellness Signature and reset and restore your innate manifestation power to it’s limitless creative potential again.


Taking the first step is the key to create an energetic environment for you to shift, evolve and expand into the more abundant, prosperous and successful life your Soul is calling you to create. 

Your Create Abundance Wellness Signature series will include three unique private sessions. Our first session will include a review of where you are and the road blocks you've been experiencing. Regardless of the origin, we will identify the energetic source of what's holding you back and pave the way for you to creating a life full of abundance, prosperity and success.

All change takes an open willingness and commitment to improve your life in order to realize your dreams.  Be prepared to implement some daily 'homework' into your life in order to shift yourself into the space required to create a new Wellness Signature. Get ready to get excited about the increased abundance and successful opportunities you are about to create.


I use my finely-tuned Intuition and energetic expertise to tune in and identify the source of your energetic blocks.  Based on the results, I design a custom Wellness Signature process for you to energize, balance and support your Solar Plexus Chakra for increased abundance of every kind in your life.

Your life and the varied experiences you've had are as unique as you are, and therefore no two Wellness Signatures are alike.  Be prepared to be open and willing to share your honest feelings and perceptions of those experiences.  

Each focused Wellness Signature Series includes three - 90 minute private sessions with me. 

They are available in person or globally via Skype.  Once you've paid for your session/s you will receive an availability calendar to schedule your first Wellness Signature session.