Your Wellness Signature

Your Wellness Signature

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Wellness starts on the inside.

And at every level of life.  However, day by day, it's getting harder to feel the calm and centered serenity with all the noise and discord 'out there'. 

We are living in a time of great transformation, and as a result of this 'cosmic shift of the ages' we're seeing the very foundations of our lives shake, rattle and roll.

Everyone on Planet Earth is feeling - and reeling from the enormous upheaval happening at every level of life.  The chaos is causing everyone to question everything, and that is activating even more chaos and challenges that we are all affected by.

From a big picture view, all this chaos actually creates opportunities for real and lasting change to take place.  The question - and opportunity for each one of us now is - what do we want our lives and our world to look like once the dust settles.

Never before has humanity been more connected - in a very real and tangible way.  Thank you to the internet, we are able to see and experience real change as it takes place - in real time.

No longer separated by oceans and continents, we are gaining a broader perspective and appreciation for our united dependence in sharing this beautiful planet Earth as our collective home.

That's not only powerful, but it's also amazingly empowering.

So, what does this mean to you at the deepest and most personal level of your life?

It means that you now have the never-before-seen-on-planet-earth-opportunity to create the life you not only desire, but the one your Soul designed for you to live.

And as you heal, grow and expand into your true potential you also take us with you at an energetic level. And it's how vitally important you are to the rest of us.

That's why I'm actually here at this most amazing time on Planet Earth - and my new Wellness Signature is what my Soul designed for me to share with you now.

I have taken the very best of my 40+ years of intuitive and energy healing experience, expertise and knowledge - and designed a personalized wellness plan that will teach you - step by step - how to create wellness from the inside out.

In simple, easy and practical ways. 

Whether you know absolutely nothing about energy or transformational healing, or you've been practicing for years - anyone can start from where they are and gain the same empowering potential to create and fulfill their life purpose.

Each month you will receive your personalized Wellness Signature box - filled with the knowledge, guidance and tools to enable and empower you to learn, grow and expand into your greatest potential. 

Your first Wellness Signature box will arrive at your doorstep with the following items:

  • Your Soul Blueprint Map Monthly - based on your birth data, your Soul Blueprint will show you what kind of energy you have to support or challenge you for catalytic growth!  - $30 Value
  • The Quiet Revolution of the Heart Book - $20 Value
  • Your choice of a Rebecca Cherry handmade piece of gemstone jewelry - $60 Value
  • 3 Inspirational Cards personally created for you based on your Soul Blueprint - $15 Value
  • Online Access to the Monthly Meditation, Rebecca's exclusive Energy Updates and Discovery Modules - $25 Value
  • Step 1 of the iCreate Process - $50 Value
  • Along with some fun & fascinating surprises every month!

All personally designed and delivered to your doorstep.

Sign up today and pay only $49 a month and receive over $200 in personalized knowledge, products and services and start creating the life you not only desire - but the one your Soul designed for you to live.  Priceless!

Join the exciting new personalized Wellness Signature subscription series and begin learning the simple steps to creating peace and serenity from within, without and with the world around you.