Your Wellness Signature

Your Wellness Signature

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“If you want to learn the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Nikola Tesla

Wellness starts on the inside.  And at the energetic level. Whether you believe your health is based on your ancestral DNA, what you eat or how much you exercise – it still boils down to the very essence of all life, and that is energy vibrating at varying degrees of frequency.

And when you learn how to effectively manage your energetic frequencies at every level of life, you will create a harmonized and healthy life, from the inside out.

The benefits of learning how to masterfully manage your energetic frequencies are:

~ increased calm and serenity

~ improved clarity and focus

~ improved health and wellness

~ happier relationships

~ effortless expression

~ balanced emotions

~ improved intuition

~ discover your Soul purpose

~ increased creative inspiration

~ greater sense of purpose and passion

~ increased compassion for others

~ heightened experiences of Love

~ experience more Joy for living


I have taken the very best of my 40+ years of intuitive and energy healing experience, expertise and knowledge - and designed a personalized wellness plan that will teach you - step by step - how to create wellness from the energetic foundation of your life.

In simple, easy and practical ways. 

Whether you know absolutely nothing about energy medicine or transformational healing, or you've been practicing for years – you can start from where you are and gain the same empowering potential to create a healthy and fulfilling life.

Each month you will receive your personalized Wellness Signature™ box - filled with the essential products, guidance and tools to enable and empower you to learn, grow and expand into your greatest potential. 

Your first Wellness Signature™ box will arrive at your doorstep with the following items:

  • Your Soul Blueprint™ Map Monthly - $50 Value
  • The Quiet Revolution of the Heart Book by Rebecca Cherry - $20 Value
  • A Rebecca Cherry handmade piece of gemstone jewelry - $60 Value
  • 3 Inspirational Cards personally based on your Soul Blueprint - $15 Value
  • Online Access to the Monthly Meditation, Energy Updates and Discovery Modules - $29 Value
  • Product Samples from the very best in Nutrition, Personal Care and Energy Medicine from around the world.  - $50 Value

All delivered to your doorstep.

Pre-Order today and receive a Special $100 Inaugural Bonus in addition to your $225 Value of products, personalized guidance, support and services and start creating the life you not only desire - but the one your Soul designed for you to live.  Priceless!

Join the exciting new personalized Wellness Signature™ movement series and begin living your best life…from within, without and with the world around you.