Your Wellness Signature™
Your Wellness Signature™
Your Wellness Signature™

Your Wellness Signature™

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“If you want to learn the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Nikola Tesla

Wellness starts on the inside.  And at the energetic level. Whether you believe your health is based on your ancestral DNA, what you eat or how much you exercise – it still boils down to the very essence of all life, and that is energy vibrating at varying degrees of frequency.

And when you learn how to effectively manage your energetic frequencies at every level of life, you will create a harmonized and healthy life, from the inside out.

Would you like to have improved health, lose weight or just feel better and more energetic every day? Emotional baggage, overwhelm and stress deplete your energetic reservoirs and directly affect your physical health.

Are you struggling to pay your bills or feel blocked to having more abundance in your life? This is a direct result of turning the abundance tap off to receiving more prosperity in your life.

Would you like to become a masterful creator in your life? Feeling frustrated, confused or about to give up on seeing results in your life is a result of not understanding how to use the creative pallette of life on planet Earth. Once you learn how to paint with your full pallette frees you to create your next masterpiece.

Would you like to have more peace and serenity in your life today? And in the world?  Feeling the stress of life today is commonplace, but not without solutions to creating calm, peace and serenity from the inside out - no matter the chaos that surrounds you.

Would you like to have more focus and clarity in a real and grounded way in your life? Brain fog, forgetfulness, overwhelm and stress are the precursors to bigger issues left unchecked and out of balance. Simple tools and techniques easily release these everyday issues most are facing today. 

Would you like to have more passion and purpose in your life? Feeling that you have a purpose in life is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Here's what you can expect from taking your first step to creating your new Wellness Signature™:

~  Learn the energetic game rules of life on Earth - and become the creative master of your life for improved health, increased wealth, limitless loving relationships, increased success and abundance of every kind.

~  Understand how you as an energetic being fit and function with the energetic Universe - empowering you to elevate your energetic frequencies for maximum creative potential.

~  How to start fresh from where you are today - no matter what the challenges you are facing.

~  How to easily clear the past memories, emotions or ancestral patterns that are holding you back from an energetic source.

~  Learn the 3 simple steps to balancing your emotions through my proprietary 3R* process.

~  Discover how to effortlessly align and maintain your Chakras for optimal energetic frequency.

~  Learn how to create the life you truly desire when you understand the energetic creative process of manifestation on Earth.

~  Learn how to energetically protect yourself and loved ones.

~  Discover your life purpose and why you are here now at this most amazing time in humanity's history.

~  Understand your Soul Blueprint for this lifetime - your talents, your skills and the lessons your Soul designed for this lifetime.

~  How to connect to Mother Earth and support Nature at an energetic level.

~  Simple energetic tools for guidance, timing and important life decision- making.

~  How to easily access the wisdom of the Universe for divine inspiration.

~  Experience more love, compassion and harmony in your life - and the world around you.

~  Feel more inspired, happy and fulfilled than ever before.

~  Be part of the transformational evolution of Humanity and Planet.

~  Inspire others and help to create a new paradigm of life on Earth - based on Love not fear.

....and much more!

I have taken the very best of my 40+ years of intuitive and energy healing experience, expertise and knowledge - and designed a 12-month personalized wellness plan that will teach you - step by step - how to create wellness from the energetic foundation of your life.

In simple, easy and practical ways. 

Whether you know absolutely nothing about energy or transformational healing, or you've been practicing for years – you can start from where you are and gain the same empowering potential to create a healthy and fulfilling life.

Each month you will receive your personalized Wellness Signature™ series box filled with the essential guidance, knowledge and tools to empower you to learn, grow and expand into your greatest potential - and begin living the life you truly desire. 

Your first Wellness Signature™ box will arrive at your doorstep with the following items:

  • Your Soul Blueprint™ Map Monthly - $50 Value
  • The Quiet Revolution of the Heart Book by Rebecca Cherry - $20 Value
  • A Rebecca Cherry handmade piece of gemstone jewelry - $60 Value
  • 3 Inspirational Cards personally based on your Soul Blueprint - $15 Value
  • Online Access to the Monthly Meditation & Energy Updates - $10 
  • Wellness Signature Academy Discovery Modules - $49 Value
  • Product Samples from the very best in Nutrition, Personal Care and Energy Medicine from around the world.  - $50 Value

All delivered to your doorstep.

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That means you will pay only $49 each month for your new Wellness Signature series of products, knowledge and guidance!

If you are reading this now, your Soul has guided you here for a purpose to say YES to taking the next step to living your passions and purpose at this most important time in Humanity's history! The most valuable gift you can give yourself is self-empowerment to living your best life. Priceless!

Sign up today and don't miss out on this amazing offer and SAVE $2,400 on the entire 12-month Wellness Signature series - a $3,000 value!

Your first Wellness Signature Box ships on April 1st!

Join the exciting new personalized Wellness Signature™ movement series and begin living your best life…from within, without and with the world around you.