Notes From the Universe

Notes From the Universe

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I wrote this book almost eleven years ago, and while I published it as an e-book, I never really promoted it. About two weeks ago, I was listening to an interview and the Alpha Centauri were mentioned. It reminded me of this book, so I went to my computer to confirm that was the group who ‘dictated’ Notes from the Universe to me way back when.

Once I opened up my copy, I started reading it. As I went along, I became more and more captivated by what they had shared with me.

And more and more, I could see that the information, the guidance and gentle nudging were even more urgently needed today than ever before.

I was blown away. And I felt a great sense of urgency that I get this book printed, promoted and into the hands of as many people as I could, ASAP.

So here we are, and although my original introduction mentions specific events of what we were seeing around the world eleven years ago, the contrasts to which today’s world events have only grown in obvious intensity.

What you are witnessing real-time is our fail-safe wake- up call we planned for our jumping out of the 3D fear-based controlled- slaves paradigm to our jumping into our own game of life. Where each one of us has the very real potential of stepping up and into our own divine- being awareness capable of limitless creative delights simply based on living love as a lifestyle.

Last April, as we all fell into lock-step with our Commanders to ‘shelter in place for just two weeks to slow the spread’, I received a powerful vision. It came in fast and it came in strong, and I not only saw but felt our collective future. It looked like this;

I saw people in the streets crying with TEARS OF JOY in their hearts that we were finally FREE. I felt it in my heart as clearly as I saw this scene.

I cannot tell you what news or event caused this sudden and overwhelming sense of freedom and joy, I only know what I was shown and what I felt.

That vision has carried me through the last sixteen months of watching our lives, careers, voices and freedoms be systematically undermined to just about as close to the precipice of losing them all to our perceived controller’s plans as I’d personally like to get.

Throughout these last sixteen months, I’ve been jumping down more rabbit holes to search for our collective truth than ever before in my life. While some of those rabbit holes took me to very dark places, my inner drive to know the truth of the world in which I currently reside has only grown stronger.

And while I have shockingly woken up to a world I didn’t know I was actually living in, the truth has only made my resolve stronger to helping anyone I can, but especially the innocent children of our world.

That has led to my latest venture of finally publishing my newest book; Isabella’s Earth and the Forces of Doom. Much like Notes From The Universe, I wrote Isabella’s Earth eleven years ago, and have been (apparently) waiting for the right time to publish and promote the corresponding new website; More than just one book, the Isabella’s Earth mission is to inspire children of all ages to reconnect with Nature and to utilize their innate imagination for the creative solutions to living Love as a lifestyle.

All this said, you can understand why I haven’t had my typical highly-intuitive visions or inspirations for the last year as well. Must have been all those rabbit holes.

However, about a week a week ago, as I felt I was finally done rabbit-hole-diving with my heart and mind saturated with the overwhelming amount of heart-wrenching horrors, glaring governmental corruption, medical tyranny, media black-outs, cancel culture and out-right censorship, I suddenly received a new vision. It looked like this: I saw people joyfully inspired to create again, with a plethora of entrepreneurs and small businesses busy as bees tending to their collective hive It was an exhilarating and exciting sensory vision, and clearly what I wrote about in my third book; The Quiet Revolution of the Heart, a New Renaissance. That’s what we have waiting for us should we wake up in time. I say, let’s go there together.

Once again, I sincerely hope that our Alpha Centauri friends’ words of wisdom, guidance, nudging, prodding and poke you exactly where you need it and exactly when your Soul designed for you to read these words.

In Love, Rebecca