Living in an Energetic Universe - Level I Course

Living in an Energetic Universe - Level I Course

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Life is moving faster than ever before.  Why? Because we are entering into an entirely new cosmic neighborhood and if you don't know where you are, you'll be lost with no compass, no map and definitely no oars.

Learn how to easily navigate an energetic world that is fast changing and constantly on the move with this Level I Course.  You'll learn the basics of the energetic Universe in which you live, love and express everything in between.  In this Level I Course you will learn:

  • How your thoughts, feelings, words and actions actually make an impact in your every day life but also impact the world around you
  • How your Energetic Immune System functions and interacts with others around you
  • How to align your focused energy for improving life at all levels
  • How to create more serenity, calm and balance in your life
  • How to effectively master your life
  • How to create more harmony, health, happy relationships and abundance

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Once you have registered for this Level I course, you will be sent directions and details.  Course Materials included. Refreshments served.