Akashic Record Readings with Rebecca

Akashic Record Readings with Rebecca

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What are the Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records hold all of the experiences, past, present and future within them.  Considered the official records of the Universe, each person has their own Akashic Records that are protected by the guardians of the Akashic Records. 

Unlike a Tarot or Psychic Reading, where someone must interpret the arcane symbology of the Tarot, or the filtered and questionable psychic realm, the information from the Akashic Records comes from the highest possible resource in the Universe, and will answer your questions, providing you with greater detail and more depth of information in the most personal way, leaving you with a clear understanding of what you are to do next.

A personal Akashic Record Reading offers you the most intrinsically pure resource for practical and spiritual guidance that a person can access today.

Why Get an Akashic Reading?

Don't feel alone in your desire for guidance, clarity and comfort.  We are living in a time where many are dazed and most are confused, and everyone is definitely experiencing some sort of crisis in their lives, big or small.

This is a perfect time to schedule an Akashic Record reading as the opportunities for everyone to become the masters of their life has never been so great before.

What to expect:

When you schedule a reading from your Akashic Records, you will experience the highest and most accurate spiritual guidance a person can receive today. You will also receive the guidance that is in your highest and best interest.

Mundane yes and no answers are not the type of guidance the Akashic Records tend to respond to, so take your time and really focus on the most important issues at hand

The best approach is to narrow your questions down to not more than three primary queries.

Stay open and receptive to what the Records reveal to you.  It may not initially be what you expected to hear, but the Akashic Records will always show you where your Soul wants to go.

How I Work: 

Because it takes me getting into a deep meditative state to access your Akashic Records, I don't read your Records in person or over the phone. I transcribe the guidance from your Akashic Records as this provides a direct conduit of communication from your Records and into the transcript. 

How to Order Your Akashic Record Reading:

In order to access the Akashic Records, I need your full name given at birth.  Please include this in the Company Name or second address line of the check out form. 

When you purchase your Akashic Record Reading, be sure to include your email address that you want your reading sent to.

When Do I Get My Akashic Reading?

Once you purchase your reading, generally you can expect to receive your Akashic reading transcript within 10-14 days of your purchase. 

I schedule readings on a first come basis and will notify you of any delay beyond the normal two-week turn around.

After you review your Akashic Reading, take some time to digest it. Read it again the day after you receive it.  If you need clarification, we can schedule a call to discuss anything that you don't understand or need to clarify.  This generally doesn't happen, but I am available and happy to talk to you about your Akashic Record reading.


"Clear your mind when you ask for an Akashic Reading with Rebecca because what you'll get will surprise you.  Truly amazing."  V.E. - Portugal

“Recently I had an Akashic Record reading with Rebecca. It felt as if I was embraced from a loving spirit that knew my very essence. I could feel that the information relayed to me came from that knowing place. It was exactly what I needed to hear. All of the questions, worries and anxieties seemed to fade away and suddenly there was nothing else I need to know. I knew I could trust what I was being told. It was a healing balm that has stayed with me ever since.
Thank you so much Rebecca!” Silvia B. - CT

"I had mine and it was AMAZING!"  Roberta N. - Rio, Brazil