Your Wellness Signature

What is your Wellness Signature?

It's that vibe you send to the Universe as an 'energetic blueprint' for what you want to create in your lifeAnd your energetic vibe is unique to you just like your signature is unlike anyone else's. 

Each Chakra's energetic vibration is part of your energetic signature - kind of like the letters in your name.  So, as you live your day-to-day life, your energetic signature is sending signals and imprinting itself into the collective Universal blueprint of thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings. 

When you're connected, inspired and your imagination is painting all the desired pictures of something new you want to create, you've started to create a new energetic signature in your life. 

Once you start expressing your excitement and taking action, the Universe starts to really pay attention to what you're wanting.  As your anticipation and expectations grow, and you begin taking steps in your endeavor, your emotional quotient of magnetism is combined with the electric nature of your thoughts and ideas, and you're on your way to saying, 'ooh la la - look what I just did!'

Now the Universe is a fair and equal opportunity provider - so it does not discern between your good and bad thoughts, ideas and desires.  The job of the Universe is simply to respond to the energetic signature you're emitting with the signs, synchronicities, connections and ingredients to fill your imagined desires. 

That's why its so important that you understand the creative nature of the world in which you live.  And the ground rules of the game. 

Many people live their entire lives creating by default based on distorted belief systems, past emotional traumas, ancestral carryovers and daily frustrations. That is like leaving the direction of your life to whichever way the wind is blowing.

How do you know if your Wellness Signature is creating what you actually want or by default?

If your Wellness Signature is out of alignment on the inside, your life will show you on the outside.

Answer these 5 questions and find out if your Wellness Signature is taking you where your Soul wants to go.

  1. Write a list of A1 through A5 on a piece of paper.
  2. On a scale of 0 to 10 rate how you feel about each question. 
  3. Write your rating next to the corresponding A1 etc. for each answer.


0 to 3 - You're not feeling it. There's a overall lack or dissatisfaction in this area of your life

4 to 7 - Meh. It's kinda okay. I know I need improvement but I feel unmotivated, blocked or fearful about making changes.

8 to 10 - I'm on it!  I'm focused, passionate and doing what I love to do!

Be honest with yourself and base your rating on how you are feeling today - not how you want to feel when it magically happens. 

1.  Are you inspired in your life and living with purpose and passion?
2.  Do you clearly express your thoughts, desires and feelings in your relationships with family, friends and associates?
3.  Do you feel loved, appreciated and valued in your life?
4.   Do you have an abundance of friends, prosperity and success in your life?
5.  Do you take good care of yourself by nurturing a healthy lifestyle?

If you answered any of these 5 questions with a 0 to 7 rating, there's something at an energetic level that needs some tender loving care, or simply a tweak or two.  Or maybe you feel like your life needs a major overhaul. 

No matter where your answers fall on the rating scale, there are simple ways to energetically reset your Wellness Signature to optimal energetic blueprints so you can begin consciously creating your life from inside out, and no longer by default.

Discover the easy steps to becoming the creative master of your life!  Schedule a discovery call with Rebecca here.