Meet the Girls

Meet Lola. She's an Aries.

Meet Lola.  Lola's birthday is April 11 which makes her an Aries.  She's full of passion, she’s a powerhouse and she argues like it's a sport. As an Aries, Lola feels like she knows it all and definitely doesn't like to be told what to do.  Let Lola think it's her idea and you've figured out the key to getting any Aries to do what you want them to.

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Meet Sarah.  She's a Taurus.Meet Sarah.  Sarah's birthday is May 2nd which makes her a Taurus.  Sarah is full of grace and gives the BEST hugs ever.  She's the one who's always there, the one friend you can count on to listen, good times or bad. Not one for extremes, Sarah is balanced and prefers things to move at a slow and steady pace. The opposite of impulsive, Sarah will take her time and think things through before making any changes in her life.  Get to know Sarah here

Meet Amanda.  She's a Gemini.Meet Amanda.  Her birthday is June 18th making her a Gemini.  Amanda loves to express her every thought and desire.  She loves to chat, talk, gossip and share the latest news with anyone willing to listen.  Get to know Amanda here.



















Meet Amber.  She's a Cancer.Meet Amber.  Her birthday is July 11th which makes her a Cancer.  Amber is sensitive, caring and protective by nature.  In times of need, she'll play the Mother to nurture your hurt feelings back to a happy place again.  Amber can't help herself, she's ruled by the Moon and those feelings and emotions run deep. 

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Meet Nicole. She's a Leo.Meet Nicole.  Nicole's birthday is August 13th which makes her a Leo.  She loves to be the center of attention.  She's smart, sophisticated and knows exactly what she wants.  And she is not shy about asking for it, or finding a way to get it.                                                                                             Her immaculate fashion style is always right on trend.  But that doesn't make Nicole superficial.  She just loves it because she feels great when she looks good.  Get to know Nicole here.


Meet Emily.  She's a Virgo.Meet Emily.  Her birthday is September 3rd which makes her a Virgo.  Emily loves to read to learn and discover new things, especially if it's practical, logical and can be backed up with the facts. She can be a little OCD with her organizing and attention to details.  Sometimes she can direct that at you and can come off as a know-it-all or a tad (ahem) overly critical and judgmental.  Get to know Emily here

Meet Lauren.  She's a Libra.Meet Lauren.  Her birthday is September 13th which makes her a Libra.  Lauren's desire for inner balance is pursued by avoiding conflict and confrontation. Lauren is also one to see both sides of any story, allowing her to probably be your most non-judgemental friend. However, don't think she's all sugar because there some spice with Lauren as well.  She's capable of swinging to the other side of the scales and hit you with her bitch stick.  Get to know Lauren here.


Meet Danielle. She's a Scorpio.Danielle's birthday is October 27th which makes her a Scorpio.  She's serene yet with a quiet intensity to her.  She's definitely mysterious and has a depth to her that simmers and sizzles.  Most men love her.  Many women are intimidated by her.  She's intuitive and can see right through people.  Danielle's the one friend that you can share your inner most fears and deepest desires with. She won't judge you and she can keep a secret like there's no tomorrow. Get to know Danielle here.


Meet Taylor.  She's a Sagittarius.Meet Taylor.  Her birthday is December 9th which makes her a Sagittarius.  Taylor is the life of the party and when she leaves the party, it usually follows her home. Fun and full of adventure, Taylor is probably your most enthusiastic, optimistic and easy going friend.  She's also kind, generous, loyal and if not always, most of the time, has a smile on her face.  Everyone, including you, loves Taylor.  Just having her around puts you in the mood for fun which will probably involve cocktails.  Get to know Taylor here.







Meet Jessica. She's a Capricorn.Meet Jessica.  Jessica's birthday is January 4th which makes her a Capricorn.  She’s determined to build something big in the world, and something of lasting value. And once she puts her mind to creating something, nothing and no one can stop her. Now Jessica is not always what she seems from the outside.  Despite her manicures, and immaculate fashion style, Jessica is not superficial, nor a snob.  She is simply on a mission to live by her own rules.  Get to know Jessica here.

Meet Ashley. She's an Aquarius.Meet  Ashley.  Her birthday is February 6th making her an Aquarius. Ashley is outgoing, friendly and a girls girl.  She loves the unique in life, even to the point of being eccentric.  She can be a bit of a cool cucumber at times, but that's just her taking her time to get to know you first.  Ashley loves people and can keep up with the best of them. She can also be kinda flaky, changing her mind at the last minute to do something other than what you had planned. That's just Ashley being her spontaneous self.  Don't try to change her mind about it, because Ashley is independent and not shy about being unpredictable, and sometimes unreliable.  Get to know Ashley here.


Meet Melissa.  She's a Pisces.Melissa's birthday is March 8 which makes her a Pisces.  She is sweet, sensitive and fun to be around.  She's casual, open and friendly and wouldn't hurt a fly.  Melissa loves to meditate. Her bedroom is full of crystals, tarot cards and astrology books.  She's a believer in all things other-worldly and can be very intuitive.  She's dreamy and can sometimes get lost in the clouds of her imagination. Get to know Melissa here.