Meet Nicole. She's a Leo.

Meet Nicole.  Nicole's birthday is August 13th which makes her a Leo.  She loves to be the center of attention.  She's smart, sophisticated and knows exactly what she wants.  And she is not shy about asking for it, or finding a way to get it. 


Her immaculate fashion style is always right on trend.  But that doesn't make Nicole superficial.  She just loves it because she feels great when she looks good.

Nicole's fun, loves to laugh and is always up for a good time.  Give Nicole plenty of attention and let her take center stage and she will shine, shine, shine.  But beware if you get too busy or can't give Nicole the time she needs, or you could be Nicole's ex-BFF before you know what you did wrong. 

It's not that the Nicole in your life is mean-spirited, she just feels like if you don't have the time for her, she won't honor you with her presence.  She just can't help herself, as all Leo's feel (at least a little bit) that they are like the King or Queen of the group. 

Nicole's ruling planet is the Sun and she expresses herself best through the Solar Plexus Chakra.  This makes Nicole an expert at creating in the material world.

Nicole's favorite gems are Citrine, Yellow Sapphires and of course yellow Diamonds.  And for Nicole, bigger is always better.

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