Academy of Integrated Energetics

My new Academy of Integrated Energetics offers a full curriculum of certified courses to educate, elevate and empower you in every way.  

Level I Certified Courses begin with the fundamentals of the energetic nature of life and the Universe.  You will learn how you energetically function within the current 3D paradigm and how to navigate these fast-moving times.

Rebecca Cherry Academy of Integrated Energetics

You have chosen to be here now at the most exciting time to be alive on Planet Earth. Each one of us is experiencing elevated awareness, increasing frequencies and heightened perceptions in ways that are new and different.  And all of this while encountering our shadow sides, both individually and collectively. 

The wounds of the past need to be recognized, acknowledged, responsibilities taken and then released for the wisdom waiting within to rise to the surface. The world is witnessing this in every sector of societal 'norms', politics, governmental machinations and long-held religious beliefs.  We're seeing major rip-the-band-aid-off adjustments when it comes to the male/female dynamic and powerful positions previously played come to light in the most shocking of ways.  This is clear evidence of one cosmic cycle ending and an entirely new cosmic cycle of learning, discovery and collective evolution beginning. Big time.

So how to make sense out of all the chaos and confusion?  Start where you are and begin to embrace your limitless power to create the life you not only desire, but the one you are destined to live.

Stay open to new ideas and discovery while integrating the support tools and knowledge to more easily adjust and transform your life as you move up the ever-increasing levels of frequency.

Once you discover the missing information you didn't learn in kindergarten - or at home - you will begin to remember who you truly are, why you are here and what you are to do next.  It's why you chose to be here during the most exciting time on Planet Earth.

Level I Certified Courses

Heart Centered Meditation - We start with the basics of the energetic nature of life and the Universe.  In this fundamental meditation developed by Rebecca, you will connect to your Higher Self and then ground your energy to Mother Earth, then bring the combined energies to the Heart Chakra for living Love as a lifestyle.  This is the foundation to living a passion-filled and purpose-driven life today.

Even if you already meditate, learn this meditation technique and integrate it into your meditation practice.  This meditation is designed to gently guide you to access your true heart's wisdom within for effortless inner guidance through these times.

Chakras 101 - If your Chakra Blueprints are out of alignment on the inside, your life will show you on the outside.

Today’s fast-paced world can easily throw the most secure person out of balance, so it’s more important than ever to understand that we’re no longer living in Kansas, but living in a Universe made up of energy that is always on the move.

Discover how each one of your life's Chakra Energy Blueprints function and bring the Body, Mind and Spirit into energetic harmony within, without and with the world around you.

There is an entire ‘Energetic Universe’ in which we live, and it determines what the five physical senses will show you, and more. You will always want to make sure that your entire Energetic Immune system™ is humming harmonious alignment for greater Connection, Clarity, Expression, Health, Wealth, Abundance, Success, Vitality, Passion and Love in your life.

So, in order to create the life that you not only desire, but the one you are destined to live, you’ll want to know how it functions and how you are interacting within this Energetic Universe ~ every moment of your life.

Join me for this self-empowering experience discovering everything you need to know about your 'Energetic Immune System and how to create your new Chakra Blueprints - from the inside out.


Living in an Energetic Universe - Transform your life from chaos to calm with this Heart centered, serenity-building, harmony producing course.

In this Level I Course you will learn:

  • How your thoughts, feelings, words and actions actually make an impact in your every day life but also impact the world around you
  • How your Energetic Immune System functions and interacts with others
  • Discover controlled emotional responses rather than reactionary blame/defensive emotions
  • Increase your power to be more objective and see how you fit into the 'big picture' of life
  • How to embrace more Compassion, Joy and Love in your life
  • How to align your focused energy for improving life at all levels
  • How to create more serenity, calm and balance in your life
  • How to create more harmony, health, happy relationships and abundance
  • Invite an increased level of mutual respect, acceptance and commonality
  • How to effectively master your life


Developing Your Innate Intuition - Your Inner Genius

Discover that no matter what's going in your life, you have your own inner Genius waiting patiently inside with the answers for you.  Learning how to first ask and then listen is the key to accessing your Intuitive Genius. 

Everyone is intuitive to some degree.  Some are born open and receptive and never lose that inner connection to their intuitive guidance.  But even if you feel that you're not intuitive, you can nevertheless learn how to tap into your inner visionary guidance and intuition in times of need. 

In this 8-week class you'll learn:





      • how to identify and discern the right answers
      • how to tap into your innate Intuition
      • how to energetically identify the different frequencies of energy
      • how to use your Third Eye Chakra for accessing the highest levels of guidance
      • how to tune in quickly
      • the difference between gut instincts and intuition
      • exercises for ongoing intuition development
      • how to use your intuition for others


      Consciously Creating Your Life - The Universal Law of Creation

      The Universal Law of Creation is a simple step-by-step process once you understand the fundamentals and energetic guidelines in our current paradigm of life on Planet Earth.  You are born with a limitless capacity to create in your life.  Unfortunately, however, no one probably taught you how to. And maybe you learned a few ancestral patterns of unworthiness along the way.

      Put all of that aside now, as once you discover the basics - or more aptly - remember the steps, you will be on your way to painting your life with a full palette of colors and a new blank canvas.  In this very exciting and empowering course you will learn:

      • the easy 7-step process to conscious creation
      • how to figure out what you truly want to create first - that's also in alignment with your Soul's agenda
      • how to focus the right kind of energy at the right time
      • your role in the process of creation
      • the Universes job in the process of creation
      • how to tell when you're standing in your way
      • the art of allowing
      • the difference between attracting and conscious creating
      • learning to grow alongside of the creative process


      Astrology - Your Energetic Weather Map

      If you know nothing about Astrology or have read your daily horoscope for years, Astrology is one of the most effective tools you can use in your life.

      Some say, timing is everything in life.

      Despite times of wishing it was otherwise, my forty years of studying Astrology and using it as a timing-guidance tool in my own life has shown me that timing is certainly one of the most important factors in how and when things happen in our lives.

      The reason for this is that each planet within our Solar system emits it's own frequency that affects all of us, as well as our planet Earth.  So, if you wanted to go to the beach, but it was cloudy outside, you probably wouldn't go.

      The same goes for the planetary energies we are affected by, despite not being able to see them.  Astrology is the energetic weather we all have to deal with.  From collective influences over decades-long transits, to the faster-moving moon influences that our moods and emotions are affected by, at the very core of life we are energetic beings affected by planetary energies at the subtle levels.  Ask any policeman if there is more crime during full moons and see what they say. 

      In this fun and illuminating class you will:

      •  get your Natal or Birth Chart done
      •  receive an easy-to-understand interpretation of where the planets were at the exact time, date and place of your birth.  This is what makes each one of us unique and our Astrological charts unlike anyone else.
      • we will explore your personal talents, skills, and potentials that are uniquely yours.
      • you'll discover where your weaknesses are so that you can work on learning how to better integrate your innate talents and strengths while working on the weak areas.
      • you'll get a birds-eye view of how your Soul laid out the blueprint of your life and what the greater You wants to learn this time around. 
      • you'll gain increased awareness empowering you to embrace your life with great excitement and enthusiasm for what lay ahead!
      • learn how to utilize your personalized Astrology to guide you for divine timing
      • access important knowledge for planning major-life moves, decisions and opportunities

      Level II Certified Courses

      Working with Energy - Getting in Touch from the Inside Out

      Applied Intuition - Pay Attention

      Gem & Crystal Healing

      Energy Healing - Sound, Smell & Spirit