Create Your New Chakra Blueprints

Today’s fast-paced world can easily throw the most secure person out of balance, so it’s more important than ever to understand that we’re no longer living in Kansas, but living in a Universe made up of energy that is always on the move.

There is an entire ‘Energetic Universe’ in which we live, and it determines more than what the five physical senses will show you. 

So, in order to create the life that you not only desire, but the one you are destined to live, you’ll want to know how it functions and how you are interacting within this Energetic Universe ~ every moment of your life.

Create your new Chakra Energy Blueprints to bring the Body, Mind and Spirit into energetic harmony within, without and with the world around you.

Choose a specific area of your life that you’d like to create a new Chakra Energy Blueprint for, or if you want to focus on more than one Chakra Energy Blueprint, be sure to take advantage of my special Chakra Energy Blueprint package options.


Each focused Chakra Energy Blueprint session is 60 minutes long and includes a complimentary 30 minute intake review. 

Get started today with a private Chakra Blueprint coaching session with Rebecca and begin creating your new life from the inside out!


The Greater You Divine Feminine Retreats in Italy

Join me for this wonderful 7-day retreat located in the beautiful and luscious hills of Lucca. We’ll stay at a magnificent and luxurious Villa immersed in the magical beauty of Tuscany.

Highlights of your Divine Feminine Retreat:

  • A Chef led cooking class to learn some authentic recipes and secrets of every Italian kitchen!

  • Painting our own masterpieces with one of Tuscany’s most talented watercolor artists!

  • Renaissance Spa Day at a nearby Thermal Spa Resort

  • Gem Therapy & Jewelry Making Class with Rebecca

  • The Illuminating Follow Your Heart Workshop

  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, swimming and walks in nature

  • Delights, surprises and endless deliciousness under the Tuscan Sun!

After seven glorious days, you’ll leave this relaxing and restorative retreat newly inspired ~ body, mind and spirit.

Register today for this relaxing, rejuvenating retreat in beautiful Tuscany!



Discovering Your Energetic Immune System

Join me for this self-empowering experience discovering your Energetic Immune System and everything you need to know about your Chakra Energy Blueprints.

  • Each week we’ll focus on one of the 7 main Chakras, and how it contributes and functions within your Energetic Immune System.
  • Learn why now is the perfect time to discover the importance of supporting an energized, balanced and harmonious Energetic Immune System.
  • You will learn how to sense whether each Chakra is open, energized and balanced and if you need to do some energetic clearing.
  • You’ll discover how every area of your life is directly affected by the harmonized function of your Chakras.
  • You will also learn how to energetically clear, balance and maintain what I call ‘Your Energetic Immune System’ which includes your Chakra system.
  • And, much more – as once we delve into the basics, more will be sure to follow.


Learn to Meditate Your Stress Away

And Get Happier and Healthier in the Process

Learning to Meditate is easy and simple.  It’s also convenient because once you learn how, you can meditate in your home or under a tree.  And the best part is that your health can benefit in a number of ways.  Click on the links to read the research from MIT, the Mayo Clinic, Carnegie Mellon University and more to see what science is saying about the benefits of meditating.

Learn my personal Heart-Centered meditation technique and you’ll find the peace and serenity within, despite the chaos that surrounds you.


Accelerated Abundance Workshop

Register for this power packed 2-day intensive Accelerated Abundance workshop designed to accelerate your  awareness and ability to transform your life at the deepest levels.  You’ll be learning why Science is showing us that our Heart’s innate intelligence is smarter than what we think, along with learning some of the leading techniques used to reprogram your self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and replace them with what you truly desire, bringing you into a state of coherent alignment which will accelerate abundance in your life, and in every way.  In addition you will learn profound energy healing processes,discover supportive tools and in-depth resources to support and guide your accelerated transformation to your greatest potential.