Your Rainbow Soul

Each Chakra’s energetic frequency resonates within the spectrum of Light.  And just like a rainbow, your life is also created and supported by the Sun’s rays, the air you need to breath, the water that you are mostly made of while you are physically connected to Mother Earth.

Our physical body, along with every other mundane and invisible aspect that makes up the human experience is a creation of the Universe that exemplifies the ‘As Above, So Below’ expression.

Connecting to Mother Earth 

Connecting to Mother Earth through our feet on the ground is similar to planting a seed in the ground.  And, just like that seed, we also need her life force in order to grow and thrive.  Aside from all of the essential foods that she provides in the way of nutritional support, her energetic frequency also supports us.

The Chinese mapped the body’s energetic grid system they call the Meridians thousands of years ago. Used with great success for healing over the past five thousand years, this energetic freeway system that supports our body to function in a cohesive and at nearly instantaneously speeds reaches its own connection point where it meets the ground. 

And, just like the grounding point of the Chinese Meridian Systems, The Root Chakra is also at the ball of our feet and is the entry point for Mother Earth’s energy into the human field of energy. 

Earth’s electromagnetic field has been measured in frequency and was originally discovered by German scientist Winfried Otto Schumann. Commonly referred to as the Schumann Resonance, Earth’s pulsating electromagnetic field resonates at 7.83 Hertz.

This is the same optimal frequency that the human body’s electromagnetic field functions at.  This harmonic resonance of Earth’s 7.83 Hz frequency and its correlation to the human body has been shown in double blind studies, and in practical applications to have definite positive results with many health disorders.

The human brain in a healthy state has also been shown to oscillate at 7.83 Hertz. As such, our brains function and are in a natural state of resonance with Earth’s electromagnetic frequency.

If you’ve ever experienced jet lag, you’ll find it easy to understand how our body becomes adversely affected when we are flying 30,000 feet above the ground. The cause of jet lag is much more than simply traveling across time zones. Not only are we physically disconnected from Earth, but we also become energetically disconnected from Earth.

When astronauts returned to Earth physically and mentally exhausted from their first ventures into space, their resulting "space sickness" was a mystery. Eventually, researchers discovered that unlike Earth, space lacks a magnetic field. Their solution was to create the essential harmonic frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field for the astronauts while they were in space.

In addition to energetically grounding our body to Earth in order to maintain harmonic resonance for optimum health, Earth’s energy supports us with the vitality and passion we all want to feel in our lives.  The color red in the light spectrum field, while not always visible to the eye, is the color of Earth’s vitality and energetic field.  The correlation of her life-giving energy as it directly relates to the color our human blood is of no minor coincidence.

Any time you want to create something in the physical world, you need to combine the energy of the Divine Feminine Spirit with the Divine Masculine Spirit.  When you are creating a new life, you will energetically do this through the sexual and reproductive Sacral Chakra. 

Combining Energies

Combining these two energies of the Divine Feminine energy from Mother Earth and your connection to her through your Root Chakra’s red frequency, along with the Divine Masculine energy from the Sun’s rays and your connection to it through your Solar Plexus Chakra’s yellow frequency results in a focused creative force to create a new life through the Sacral Chakra’s Orange frequency light spectrum. 

Mix the colors yellow and red and you’ll always get orange.  We live in a creative Universe where energy is light vibrating at different frequencies within the limitless creative electromagnetic spectrum that our world is created from and functions within.  The active combination of the lower three Chakras are always required to create and manifest on the physical plane, whether at the conscious or subconscious level.

The saying ‘follow your heart’ often falls on deaf ears because we’ve been trained to live our lives through logic and a self-limiting perspective based on the five physical senses.  However, walk into any deep green forest, and it takes barely a moment for you to begin to feel what this truly means.

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