Why Birthstone Bracelets Make the Perfect Gift

When it comes to gift-giving, knowing what to buy someone can be a difficult challenge. You waste time going down an Etsy rabbit hole or walking around a mall looking for the perfect gift, only to come up empty-handed. You could spend hours, if not days looking for the ideal gift. That’s time that you can’t get back. Birthstone jewelry is always a unique and meaningful gift idea, no matter who you are shopping for.

Additionally, birthstones offer many unique properties that hold both personal and spiritual meaning. That's why birthstone bracelets by Rebecca Cherry make the perfect gift for just about anybody. In this article, we will learn more about this collection of zodiac-inspired birthstone bracelets and the one-of-a-kind elements that they bring into the wearer’s life. 

Follow The Zodiac…

Each gemstone was selected to bring something unique into the wearer's life. For the bold, driven Aries, diamonds work to enhance creativity and ambition. By accessorizing with a diamond Aries birthstone bracelet, the Aries will be emboldened and inspired in their daily lives.

Occasionally stones can be used to counteract some of the negative traits in our signs. The sometimes anti-social Scorpio, for instance, can be inspired by the hope and cheerfulness of citrine. A citrine Scorpio birthstone bracelet can also enhance the Scorpio’s drive to achieve their dreams.

Sometimes a stone can reflect AND counteract aspects of our signs. Aquamarine tends to encourage adaptability, which is perfect for the shapeshifter nature of our friend, the Piscean. Sensitive and sometimes shy, Pisces can benefit from the throat chakra strengthening elements of the aquamarine Pisces birthstone bracelet

…Or Don’t

Sure, it’s true that specific stones stand to benefit the characteristics of certain zodiac signs more than others. But also, everyone, regardless of the zodiac sign, can absorb the benefits of any gemstone they like. Gemstones have been used to protect, heal, strengthen, and guide us throughout history. These rare and precious elements have the power to uplift our best selves.

Whether you are a Cancer or not. The protective root chakra healing elements of the ruby Cancer birthstone bracelet might help to increase feelings of safety and security. This helps when feeling emotional and overwhelmed.

Pink tourmaline can be a powerful inspiration for our divine feminine sides. The Libra birthstone bracelet featuring pink tourmaline will provide a deserved boost of emotional healing and self-love. Even if you’re not a Libra.

Green is a pretty color. Maybe a pretty green bracelet just goes with the outfit. The Taurus birthstone bracelet with green apatite is pretty. Plus, it can be used, by Taureans and non-Taureans alike, to help manifest spiritual and financial wealth! 

Whether you are looking to honor the unique characteristics of a person's zodiac sign, bring some energetic balance to their life, or simply give them a pretty green bracelet, the Birthstone Bracelet Collection from Rebecca Cherry has something for everyone. View the collection online and find the gift to inspire and empower the modern-day goddess in your life.

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