What Color are You Living?

Depression is a result of cyclical biochemical responses that hold you in a stagnant emotional state.  Most people will pull themselves up and out of periodic sad moments by replacing their focus on the 'sad' or 'bad' experiences with getting on with things.

Others will continue to spiral down into deeper feelings of self pity, sadness, anger, resentment - whatever their experience was, they continue to focus on that rather than getting on with their life.

As a result over time, the brain will begin to build new neuro-pathways for the continued biochemical response of depression.  You have successfully built a new neural network based on a new belief that you are always sad because... _________.

This same process can be created on the positive side of the emotional spectrum as well.  Take something that you want to create and continue to focus on creating feelings of joy and excitement about your new life, a new job or improved health, and eventually it too will also manifest.

The Universe is a limitless creative playground.  Within the energetic spectrum of all creation you have an infinite palette in which to play with.  And within every lifetime you jump into, you design your life's blueprint to explore a variety of experiences within that spectrum. 

Light and sound are the paint and brushes in the studio of your life.  Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are the creative tools at your disposal. While positive thinking and envisioning are a good place to start, they are merely just that - a good starting point.

Passions, desires and dreaming are the impetus and inspirations of your original life blueprint.  Experiencing these will be an indication you are staying true to your original plans.

Once you experience a new inspiration or strong desire to create something new in your life, you'll start to try and figure out all the "how's" to bring it into reality.  While many of the hows are necessary steps you'll need to move through in the creative process, many are not your job but the Universe's job.

Timing is everything.  And this is out of your control along the way.  Trust that all worthy endeavors take time and come into being exactly when and how they are meant to. It's the job of the Universe to sychronistically drop the pieces into place at the perfect moment.

So whether you are planning a new life, a new career or improved health, your emotional state is essential to achieving success.  With all creation, your emotions are the energetic glue to make things stick.

You'll have many thinking-based desires throughout your life, as they are the exploratory thinking process to keep you on or get you back on your blueprint track.

The world is a full spectrum of creative play.  Jump in and keep painting, playing, exploring, expressing and dreaming.  It's your life.  Create it in living color.

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