We Are in This Together

We are in this together. And by together we mean through the connected-ness of all life.

All life, from the minuscule to the largest has an energetic field of living energy. and this living energy is connected to all other living energy in the Universe.

This living energy is the very fiber that creates your reality - a reality that is constantly in flux, with ebbs and flows of inspiration, of love and of every thought, feeling and emotion that emanates from every living creature, person, animal and insect within your Earth reality.

So, it's inevitable that inspiring events activate inspiration, love and delight on the main level, and so does fear.

And what is fear? Fear is a low vibrational energy that is stimulated by the reptilian brain to either stay and fight or to run for your life.

Humanity as a collective is easy to control through this built in survival response mechanism. And that is what we're seeing now.

Although there will be exponential positive benefits to the collective experience for Humanity as a whole, we would like to suggest some ideas and concepts to help many relax and restore their sense of calm and certainty.

While we cannot tell you exactly when this experience will end - we can say that everything will turn out much better than most are expecting right now.

And that is the point of what want to share with you all today.

What are you expecting?

What do you want to see happen in the world?

It's not up to anyone other than each individual to create the outcome on the collective level.

So you can see these are important questions to ask yourself.

As remember that living energy that you are at the very core of life is connected to every other living energy.

So, it's actually up to you to choose what you want to see happen in the world.  It's certainly not up to your nightly news to choose - and most of you would agree that's a very good thing.

So what do you want to see take place? Do you want to create a so called happy ending to this collective experience?  Or do you truly want doom and gloom?

This is the essential first step you need to take next.

Take some time for yourself and get quiet, meditate if you can - and begin to imagine and envision how you want things to progress from here.

Get past the fear based emotions of not knowing what's going to happen and choose to create it instead.

Every thought, feeling and expectant emotion is important.  Whether it's fear-based or positive-based, you are contributing to the outcome.

It will take a small amount of you to recognize and accept your personal responsibility in this - and all experiences in your lives.

We will also say that most of you already know that this experience is not what it appears to be, but there are many people who do not and remain in a state of reactionary fear.

So, do your part and do your best to uplift, to inspire and to calm those fears for others.

Get playful and excited and expectant for the good times coming.  They're around the next corner and the more you participate in uplifting others, the faster you will collectively turn that corner.

It's our pleasure to be of service and we are here to support, encourage and love you - always.

Your Collective Higher Selves


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