The Top Four Benefits of Handmade Jewelry

These days people are a lot more conscious about how they spend their money. With the advent of online shopping, people no longer need to rely on name brands and big box stores to get what they are looking for. There are more options available to the consumer, so why not consider something handmade? There are many benefits to buying handmade jewelry over jewelry that has been mass-produced and made by machinery. In this article, we will explore some of the top benefits of handmade jewelry including the reduced carbon footprint and the quality of goods.

Each Piece is Unique

When it comes to buying mass-produced jewelry in a factory, you know that you are getting the same exact same piece as thousands, if not millions, of other people. When you buy jewelry made by hand, you get a completely unique piece. A piece that was created with care by an artisan. This is what makes a piece of jewelry so special, especially when it comes to more intricate statement pieces like the amethyst cuff bracelet by Rebecca Cherry.

You Are Supporting a Small Business

When you buy handmade goods, you are often supporting a small business owner. These artisans work to support their families and communities. With your purchase, you are helping them to put food on their tables and a roof over their heads. You can feel good about your purchase because it’s helping someone build a life for themselves, not just padding the wallet of some CEO. 

Local Operations

By purchasing handmade goods, you are also doing your part to buy local. Handmade goods are created locally, you have a better chance of getting a product made ethically with sustainably sourced materials like the pink tourmaline and diamonds used by Rebecca Cherry to create the pink tourmaline and diamond necklace.

Higher Quality Goods

Most of us have been on the receiving end of poor-quality jewelry. Metals that discolor, stones that chip and crack, clasps that break. While handmade jewelry might not be completely void of these types of issues, they are fewer and farther between than with mass-produced pieces. Artisans like Rebecca Cherry take a lot of pride in their work and use higher-quality materials like the 14k gold used to create the Zodiac necklace collection. Additionally, having an actual person on the production side, instead of a huge factory, ensures that any defects or issues are corrected right away.

There are so many options these days for people to choose who to spend their money with. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, you want a piece that is beautiful, unique, and well-made. With handmade pieces by Rebecca Cherry, you know you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece that is ethically sourced, supports small business, and highlights your inner modern-day goddess.

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