The New Normal

The line in the sand for each one of us has been reached.  Now each one of us has to make a choice of whether or not we're going to let others determine our future.

As each one of us have our own unique perspective, we also have the freedom within our hearts and minds to choose our beliefs.

So ask yourself the questions that need to be asked.

Do I want to believe what someone else believes or do I want to make up my own mind?

Do I want to succumb to the fears of others - or do I want to contribute to creating calm in stormy seas?

Do I want to be a follower or a leader?

What do I need now?

What feels right for me?

What feels true to me amongst all the loud voices out there?

What if I listen to my quiet voice from within?

What is it saying to me now?

Do I trust others more than I trust myself?

Do I put my faith in my government to take care of me?

Or do I trust myself enough to take care of myself?

These are all questions to ask yourself now - as the answers will lead you down one of two roads.

If you trust others more than yourself, then you are giving up your voice and freedom to choose what is best for you. And that disempowers you, it weakens you and now you are vulnerable to what others want you to think, want you to believe and how you should act.  Which may not be in your best interest, and will most likely be in theirs.

If you believe what everyone else says, then you have just surrendered your freedom to think and choose what's best for you.

These are big lines in the sand each one of us now face.

And they divide us from choosing to either live in fear or to live in love.

We all know fear really well. We've individually and collectively lived in a fear-based paradigm for eons.  It's been our normal.

The normal of poverty, war, disease, hatred and judgment simply because we're different from each other.

I suggest we create a new normal.

Where as sovereign beings we recognize and accept each other - despite our differences.

That we speak from our hearts and embrace this time of great change with Love and compassion - rather than fear and competition.

That each one of us get quiet and go in to find our own voices - and listen to those for guidance and comfort.

That we realize we no longer need to look to our governments or politicians to take care of us - because when we get quiet and trust our inner guidance, we know exactly how to take of ourselves - and each other.

This time is an opportunity for us all to step into our greater selves and begin taking better care of ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet Earth.

Nothing happens by mistake, so see this time as the one where we all get to put on our big girl panties and be the very best version of who we came here to be.

It's our time to be the best examples for living from our hearts rather than fear, and begin creating a new normal - where living love as a lifestyle dissipates hate, dissolves fear and evaporates the borders, barriers and walls between us, one person at a time.

In love,


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