Passion Filled & Purpose Driven

If you are not living your purpose, you’ll be living by default, feeling lost and confused.  Connecting to who you truly are will show you exactly where your Soul wants to go.

Therefore, it is critically important for you to understand what you want to accomplish in your life, as early as possible.  This is not something you leave until a certain pre-determined age, as the sooner you figure out why you are here and what you’ve planned to achieve, the sooner you’ll be on your way to creating the life that you truly want.

As an adult, and if you want to remember what your life purpose is, you’ll want to spend some time working through the steps.  A life worth living is a life well lived.  And, a happy and fulfilling life is one lived with great passion and purpose.

Each step to creating the life that you want is broken down to practical daily exercises that will by virtue create your new Energetic Immune System along the way.  Practice makes perfect, and as the days fly by, you’ll be that much closer to living the life you want.  So, start by living in the moment with the conscious realization that you’ve just taken the most important first step in creating the life that you not only desire, but the one you are destined to live.

  1. Get Connected ~ Take time in your daily meditation to connect through your Crown Chakra.  Doing so will improve your connection to Unity Consciousness and your Higher Self.  The results will be a clear vision of your true purpose in life and a deeper connection to who you truly are.  Feeling connected is priceless. 
  1. Be Inspired ~ Spend time in your meditation and tap in through your Third Eye Chakra for inspiration and visualizing the life you want to consciously create.  Or set aside a weekly appointment with just you and your imagination and see where it takes you.  Your Third Eye Chakra is also the gateway Chakra to your innate Intuition. Your imagination isn’t something you give up once you grow up.
  1. Be Expressive ~ Getting the words out right can be a challenge. Whether in your relationships at home or at the office. Keeping your feelings and emotions pent up can cause energetic blocks at the Throat Chakra ~ which will only create bigger issues in your life. Solve this energetic challenge when you take fifteen minutes a day to write your thoughts and feelings in a journal.  You will improve your clarity and focus while also move through your emotions for effective communicating.  Effortless expression spells happier relationships.
  1. Follow Your Heart ~ Live your life from the heart with love, compassion and gratitude.  Start your day expressing gratitude for everything and everyone in your life and you’ll see abundance of every kind increase in your life.  Feelings are the energetic magnets of life, and when you feel gratitude through your Heart Chakra, the Universe has only one option to answer with more good stuff for you to feel grateful for. Feel the gratitude baby. 
  1. Be Masterful ~ Manifesting in your life requires an inspired idea, clearly expressed; some heart focused magnetism and then energized through your manifestation portal, the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Become the creative master in your life when you take five minutes each day to send out an emotionally charged power ball to manifest what you want in your life.  Get it down with practice, trust your gut instincts and see your creative seeds take root and begin to grow in your life.  Become the creative master of your life.
  1. Be Yourself ~ Sex is a beautiful and natural part of life. Keeping your Sacral Chakra balanced and humming is critical.  Spend just a few minutes a day clearing out the energetic debris from sexual tension, frustration or imbalance from an overloaded Sacral Chakra. Excessive sexual stimuli can tip this Chakra out of balance and create an unhealthy imbalance in the entire Chakra System.  Honor your sexual expression and create a balanced body energetic.
  1. Grounded Passions ~ Grounding your body to Mother Earth through the Root Chakra is essential for feeling passionate and full of sustainable vitality in your life.  Take ten minutes every day to feel the Earth beneath your feet without anything in between.  The electromagnetic energy from our planet directly harmonizes with our energetic blueprint through the Root Chakra.  Sit under a tree, take a walk on the beach or simply plant your bare feet on the grass to reconnect and recharge yourself with the life-sustaining energy from Nature and Mother Earth.  Get grounded.

“Imagine a world without the color purple and you’ve just painted the world grey.”


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