New Year - New You

 If you started the New Year with optimism and excitement, hopeful for your best year yet, maybe even made some New Year’s resolutions, you started 2020 like most of us.

However, we’re only one month into the new decade and January proved to be even more tumultuous – both on the outside and energetically than all of 2019 combined.

So, if your head is spinning and you’re feeling dazed and confused by the seemingly non-stop political drama, celebrity tragedy and now mixed with a big dollop of impending pandemic, you will want to understand why things seem to be getting worse – rather than better.

We live in an energetic Universe that is constantly on the move.  That means that things will always be in a state of chaos - as the creative nature of the Universe is constantly evolving.  And that has never been truer than now.

Why?  Because our Milky Way Galaxy has literally moved to a new cosmic neighborhood.  And as such, we are being exposed to new and heightened energetic frequencies.  And these new frequencies are waking us up to new ideas, new perspectives and new visions for a new – and improved world to live in.

And with those new perspectives comes a questioning of why things are the way they are - and have been – combined with a little bit of ‘no more’ thrown in for good measure.  What was considered the norm of yesterday – or decades – or even centuries ago – is no longer acceptable to more and more of us.

And this questioning that rises out of thoughts and feelings – oftentimes out of seeing the grave injustices happening around the world, or the great disparity between the haves – and the have nots – goes out from your heart and mind in the form of an energetic wave that affects the collective energetic web we call the Universe.

And that wave that your thoughts – which are electric in nature – combined with your feelings and emotions – which are magnetic in nature - create a point of attraction to other like-minded and feeling people.

So, if you are seeing injustices in the world that you want to change – and your thoughts and emotions go out in the form of heart-felt compassion – then you will align yourself with other compassionate Souls.  And together you can meet up and maybe come up with some solutions to the very thing you want to change.

However, if you see an injustice and feel angry and upset – and want to retaliate against this injustice – or resist – or protest it – these thoughts and feelings will actually – at an energetic level – align with and therefore contribute to the creative dynamic that will continue to perpetuate the very thing you don’t want to continue to see.  

Learning how to manage our personal energy fields can be slippery slope and we’re entering the discovery phase and a fast-paced learning curve on how we directly contribute to creating the very things we want to see and experience - or want to change.  It is the Universal Law of like energy attracts like energy. 

The most important step you can take to make the biggest impact for positive change – is also the easiest – and that is to start meditating.  Not the TM kind of meditation – because the goal is not to try and empty your mind – but to learn to tap into your inner visionary genius, get inspired and begin envisioning the world you want to see. This is the energetic seed of creating the life you want to experience and the world you want to live in.

And once you begin meditating, you will discover that heart-centered space where you see the big picture and how you fit into you.  Your mind calms, serenity moves in, and the overstimulated, overwhelmed, reactionary fear-based ego relaxes and sits in the back seat of your life – where it belongs.

This is the single most self-empowering step you can take in your life.  You will regain your equilibrium, your purpose – and with greater passion - and begin living love as a lifestyle.

And the best part?  You’ll be making a difference in the world and affecting the change you want to see – simply by living your best life – from the inside out.

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