Meet Sarah. She's a Taurus

Meet Sarah.  Sarah's birthday is May 2nd which makes her a Taurus.  Sarah is full of grace and gives the BEST hugs ever.  She's the one who's always there, the one friend you can count on to listen, good times or bad.  Sarah exudes warmth, love and has tons of friends from every walk of life.

Not one for extremes, Sarah is balanced and prefers things to move at a slow and steady pace. The opposite of impulsive, Sarah will take her time and think things through before making any changes in her life.  Sometimes Sarah can get a little stuck in her ways. Not because she doesn't love variety, but because change is uncomfortable for her.  She just like things to stay the same.

Sarah is practical and handles her money with care.  She's dedicated to making more of it and saving it for the future.  She's great at manifesting and a smart business women with a determination that is unwavering.

Sarah is ruled by Venus so she loves food, beauty and all of the tactile senses. Sex for Sarah is a commodity she values greatly and invests in fully.  Her boyfriends love this about her. ;) Give her roses, champagne and a great box of chocolates and she's in Taurus heaven! 

Sarah appreciates the finer things in life and has a keen eye for beauty of every kind.  Sarah's favorite gem is Emeraldanything green; Peridot, Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Jade - if it's green Sarah loves it.

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