Four Tips to Create a Signature Style

When shopping for new pieces to add to your wardrobe, curating a signature style is always the dream. It can be tricky, though. What is a signature style, and how do you go about creating your signature style? It seems to come so easy to celebrities but keep in mind that the most fashionable celebrities all work with professional stylists who curate a signature look for them. So how do you create a signature look if you don’t have a personal stylist? We’ve got the top four things to keep in mind when curating looks for your signature style.

1- Get Inspired

First thing’s first. The most essential part of creating a signature style is identifying your likes and dislikes. Get a good sense of your own personal style esthetic. Sometimes, this can be the most challenging part when curating a unique and reflective wardrobe. Begin by looking at pictures of celebrities whose style you appreciate. Steal as much or as little as you want from their looks, then add your own flair. Adding flair could be as easy as incorporating a unique piece of statement jewelry like the Italian hematite pave Fleur de Lis cuff bracelet by Rebecca Cherry.

2- Know Your Body

The fashion industry has made people feel embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies in the past. Seeking to make anyone who isn’t a size zero feel less than. This can make ordinary people feel like they need to fit an unattainable standard to be considered beautiful or fashionable, resulting in the fear of clothing sizes. The sooner you overcome that fear and adopt a realistic view of your body, the easier it is to dress and find your signature style. The most important thing about finding your signature style is confidence. The confidence to know and love your body the way it was created.

3- Find A Signature Item

If you look at some of the most fashionable people on the planet, many of them have a signature item. Ariana Grande has that famous high pony, Janelle Monae has her funky ties, or Posh Spice and her trouser pants. Your signature item doesn’t necessarily need to be as gimmicky as a pink rhinestone cowboy hat, but having a signature item can help provide a base to build your wardrobe around. Even something as effortless as the 14k gold bead bracelets by Rebecca Cherry can serve as your signature item. Stack them for a more elevated look, or keep the look simple by wearing one or two alone.

4- Style Items Differently

Often when we are bored with our wardrobes, it’s because we aren’t thinking outside of the box. A great way to incorporate what is already in your wardrobe into your new signature style is to think of new ways to wear those items. Start going through your closet and looking at new ways to style your existing pieces when you have some time. Look online for some inspiration on new ways to style that slip dress or blouse.

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