Celebrate the Divine Feminine

The tides have turned and we are living in a time where the celebration of all women is on an unmistakable rise. This time is not about pointing fingers of blame at the misdeeds of men gone unspoken or unpunished. This time is all about the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine within each one of us.

So while the current culture of celebrating women, or our planet seems to capture the media's attention according to the clock or calendar, I see it from a much broader view.

Every day is Earth Day. Every day is also a day to celebrate all lives and our humanity.  This is not about relegating one gender over the other, one culture over another, one color over another - as we've already seen for millennia that doesn't turn out so well for most of us.

This time is truly about bringing balance back to humanity, despite our diversity and our differences.  Balance in the collective that despite those differences, we can find it in our hearts to accept and honor each other.  Acceptance that there will always be differences based on each individual's unique perspective, but with respect and honoring each other we can agree to find the balance point between. 

This is what this time is all about. And it is humanity's wake up call to get your head out of the media driven circus of distractions and get your heart in the new game of life.  This time is a cosmic alarm clock that is rocking everyone's boat in order to wake you up. People everywhere are experiencing chaos, calamity and confusion at all-time high tides.  Conformity and calm seas do nothing to get people's attention, so try to see the blessing in the curse.

As a collective species living on Planet Earth we are also collectively entwined through the energetic fields our physical hearts produce.  That collective field of energy is like an ocean of emotions each one of us contributes to.  Our tears, our joys, our rage, our passions all sprinkle as tiny drops into this one big collective ocean. 

If everyone is fearful, frustrated and angry, what kind of seas are we trying to navigate?  Probably angry, big-waved waters. Sound a little too much like our current world reality?

If on the other hand, more of us go within and find the calm centered balance point of our hearts, we can directly contribute to calming those raging waters.

This is what we are being called to do now.  Whether it's going within to find peace in our own lives or reaching out with compassion for someone else's pain, it all goes out with the tides of energy we collectively create. Recognizing that you play an active role in what kind of world we all live in is the cosmic wake up call we're all feeling now.

Celebrating anything in life adds joy, love and fun to the energetic mix.  So celebrate women everywhere today. Celebrate them tomorrow too and the next day.  Celebrate the wonderful loving men in your life.  Celebrate your children for the beautiful teachers they are. 

Celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds you. Celebrate that big juicy cheeseburger you're about to bite into. Whatever you can celebrate from within, without and with the world around you, celebrate it. And don't ever stop celebrating your life and the gifts you came here to share because we won't be same without you.

Jump in and get your feet wet, your head happy and your heart open again to laugh more, live more and love more.  You'll be making all the difference in the world. Literally.

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