Celebrating Our Freedoms

Tomorrow celebrations of our freedoms will abound with backyard barbecue's, family gatherings and fireworks.  Celebrating is always a good thing as it brings levity where little exists in an ever-increasing paradigm of chaos.

While there's no doubt that America has represented the land of the free for a while now, it is also something that is quietly slipping through the cracks of the American dream.

From a global perspective, America still stands as the clear winner for opportunities hard pressed to find elsewhere with the ease and relatively low-cost of launching dreams and desires.  If you are one who is willing to work hard, persevere and never give up, you will make headway and realize your passions at least to some degree.  You many not get rich, but the opportunity to be your own boss is still easier to achieve here than elsewhere.

However, on the other side of that coin, we're also seeing a different America emerge under a banner of building walls, closing borders and stealing children from the clutching arms of their parents.

If you are not indigenous to North America, you are a descendant of your immigrant ancestors.  My great grandparents, like many others, risked life and limb to escape the Russian Revolution to arrive in America for the betterment of not only their lives, but their young children as well. 

And not long after, if they were the lucky ones, another generation escaped to America while Hitler saw anyone other than the 'pure Aryan' as not worthy of living. What we are seeing today is no different.  Except it's 2018 and this is America, not Nazi Germany.

When any leader of any party openly disparages, or worse, one or more races, and justifies separating families and locking young children up in cages, through religious beliefs, party politics, or the so-called laws of the country, Houston we've got a problem.

And as we are a day short of celebrating our freedoms, we have a large number of Americans in this United States that feel 'we' are justified in our treatment, of these poor, disenfranchised and desperate people.

This is not an issue of rewriting laws, or following our President - either present or past.  This is a simple issue of morals and ethical decisions on how we help or hinder our fellow humans in their moment of desperation.

This is a simple issue of compassion and of compromise.  It is a simple issue of doing what America does - or apparently did.  America was a beacon of freedom and certainly first to respond in our humanitarian efforts, no matter the plight or disaster. America has been the beacon of hope to those otherwise hopeless or helpless in their own lives and countries.

We do not live on a planet of walls and borders. We are not separate.  We are one humanity sharing one planet.  This concept of taking what we want from others, at the expense of innocent lives and resources raped, has got to end. As a part of the human race, this concept of dividing and conquering through fear and control must come to its inevitable conclusion.  

We are a very fine line away from the next step toward justifying the same kinds of treatment to some new group of people that is now the focus of some perceived threat of our freedoms.  Maybe it's because you are gay.  Or maybe it's because you have contrary political leanings that are not popular.  Or maybe it's simply because your ancestors are indigenous to this land.  Oh wait, that's already happened. And it is still happening today.

It seems as though our freedoms are silently slipping away. Or possibly have already - yet not apparently - been stolen in the night. 

Our Declaration of Independence states: "...that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

America, there really is only one question left to ask.

If your life and your family's lives were at risk, or you had lost all hope, or there was no work for you to earn a living and you had hungry children to feed, what would you do?

America, there really is only one answer.


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