A Blessing in Disguise

We are entering a phase of massive adjustments each one of us will have to make.  And while things look bleak on the outside right now, trust that in all things there is a greater purpose.

Putting aside the current health crisis many are experiencing, please see the numbers for what they truly are.  The headlines don’t match up to the level of fear your media is proposing you to feel.

Therefore, we ask you to put aside the current story you’re being shown and open your mind to the bigger picture at hand.

You are experiencing an unprecedented collective experience.  Some of you are still captivated by every news report.  However, many of you are not.  Its those individuals that we speak to now.

Never before have the majority of you had so much free time on your hands.  This is a blessing in disguise.  Now you have no excuse to not meditate, exercise, rest and relax.

Before this time, most of you were racing through your lives. Overstimulated and overwhelmed with not enough time in the day.

Well now you have it.

The big picture is the opportunity to now stop and do all those things for yourself you said you didn’t have time for.

From our perspective, the collective noise has quieted down to a dull roar.  That’s a huge improvement from where it was only a few weeks ago.

Now the adjustments will begin for each one of you.

Getting quiet and going into your Heart will show you where your Soul wants you to go.  What do we mean – go into your Heart?  We mean that when you get quiet and meditate to focus on your Heart Chakra and what is waiting for you there.

That is the best place to begin, as your Heart has all of the answers for you.

This also has a two-fold effect.  One is to show you your next steps.  The second is to bring you into Heart centered alignment.  And that heart centered alignment brings you into collective harmony with other like-minded and heart-centered people.

And together, that increases the overall frequency at the collective level.  And that increase in the overall frequency impacts the collective consciousness of all life, which in turn will inspire those who are vibrating at a lower frequency to be raised.

And the dominoes begin to fall in the best direction possible.

So begin here.  Don’t look for results other than in your own life.

This time has been designed for this purpose alone.  And then the by-product will absolutely amaze you.  As the dominoes fall and more wake up to what’s in their own Hearts, a realignment of energy will take place at every level of life.

For the inner adjustments will be reflected in the outer world around you.  Things will change. For the better.  You will begin to see your personal responsibility in everything you do, think, feel and respond.  It will create a cavalcade of change.

New ideas and ways of living your everyday life will become the new normal.

This is the bigger picture that is coming to your world – sooner than you can imagine.

This is the blessing in disguise for this time of separation.  Your physical distancing will bring about a spiritual connection in every way.  And from this deeper, more meaningful connection will come a new and improved life for all.

Be well. Get quiet and go within.  That is where you will find your true Heart’s desires, the guidance you seek and the beginning of living Love as a lifestyle.

In Harmony, in Love – always,

Your Collective Higher Selves

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