3 Things You Need to Know Now

There are three things you need to know now.

1.  We have entered into a new 25,920 year cosmic cycle

2.  We have moved into a new cosmic neighborhood

3.  We are in the process of Humanity evolving to a new state of being

Right now we are in the breaking down phase in order to break through to a higher echelon of living.  In order for that to happen, the dark must be exposed so true transformation can take place.

A new paradigm based on Love, Grace and Compassion cannot happen until the distortions of truth, the corruptions of harmony and the discordance of a fear-provoking control system comes to light.

You are seeing all of these in the most shocking and incomprehensible ways now.  This serves the purpose so humanity can wake up to the Truths that have been hidden for far too long.  Blatant abuses of power have lead to the most heinous of crimes against humanity.

The good people who have love and compassion in their hearts need to see the horrendous level of injustices and crimes that others have perpetuated behind glass doors for eons. 

There have always been layers of compartmentalization of complicit participants willing to partake and go along for their rewards.  These are the glaring examples that will continue to be exposed so a complete dismantling can take place from the inside out.

This process provides more than one opportunity for growth at the individual level. They are intertwined, yet serving a single purpose.  The main and obvious one is to bring an end to human trafficking and abuses of every kind.

Another is to wake people to the truths that need to come out to be healed.

Yet another is to activate deep compassion for others plight no matter what color their skin or name they bear.

And still another is the acceptance that with all things, personal responsibility is required in every situation.

Whether you look away or choose blind ignorance, both contribute to the harm and injustices continuing.

The ideal is to find the space in your heart to embrace the hard truths and then find your way to restoring balance where none has been for too long.

There are opportunities at every level and sector of life today where you can make a difference to the whole. It may not be at the level of crimes against humanity, but there is some way, some where that you can directly contribute to making a difference. 

If it's not in disclosing truths, or righting wrongs, it's in problem-solving, or creative inspiration, or a compassionate lending of hands.

It could be at the smallest level of life, yet will add to the energetic mix of the whole.  Helping a friend or a stranger in need counts toward making a difference in the world.  As you lift your sights to a better world for all, you are making a difference.

Look around your life today and find a way to begin contributing to the betterment of Humanity.  All of the little things each one of us can do will add up to true and lasting transformation from a world in fear to a world in love.

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